Jeremy Lawson (bio below)
Owner/Head Coach



CF-Weightlifting Trainer

Our Pledge

We here at MEADE CrossFit pledge to treat you, our valued member, with respect and individual attention.

Owners Jeremy and PeeJay with daughter Belle

MEADE CrossFit Coaches

PeeJay Lawson



CF Mobility Trainer 

CF Gymnastics

CPR- adult/Pediatric

AED certified

State record holder 55kg class in Total and Snatch

Background of your Head Coach Jeremy 

Jeremy comes from a background of Pro AMA ATV Motocross. Through the years, he has studied and practiced nearly every type of training.  He took his health and fitness seriously to perform at his peak during the race.  He retired in 2012 on top and knew right away what he wanted to go into, fitness.  He started in the typical gym scene with machines and some free weights.  But something was missing.  He would hit a plateau, would lose motivation, and just didn't feel that what he was doing in the gym was giving enough push,intensity, and results.  He then found CrossFit.  He was hooked! Immediately started reading the CrossFit Journal, following the WODs given and practicing all the movements of CrossFit.  After about 2 years he then, with his wife PeeJay got their CrossFit Level 1 certificate at CrossFit Mayhem and have been on fire since.  Training others personally and each other, they knew it was time to move back to his hometown of Brandenburg, KY and give his community something that would benefit them all for life, a CrossFit Box.  Jeremy and PeeJay are in the middle of continuing to up their certificates with getting the Level 2 certificate and plan on getting CrossFit Kids and Weightlifting certificates along with many others down the road.  You can never stop learning!  Your health, fitness, and lifestyle is very important to us and continuing our education is important so that we can continue to know whats best for you!  

What we offer...

Our Mission

At MEADE CrossFit, our mission is simple: To help you change your lifestyle to live a long, strong, and prosperous life. 

“To me, CrossFit isn’t just about how much weight someone can move or how fast one person is compared to another. It’s about the community. Having a family of people that are going to support you throughout your fitness journey and are going to hold you accountable of your goals. I got into CrossFit after 2 years of working out in the conventional style gym. I found it hard to stay motivated and hard to chase the goals I’d set for myself. I would be in there for 2-3 hours and would feel drained but my progress was slowing down. Joining CrossFit, I was able to have fun with what I was doing and the people I was doing it with. Shortly after, I knew that I wanted to help other people with their fitness journey and guide them to their goals. “Great things never come from comfort zones!” So try something new!”

CrossFit isn't just fitness to me. I feel it's a place of helping hands. I get to help someone feel better about themselves mentally and physically. I get to help the community through Meade CrossFit. I get to put a smile on someone's face by helping them accomplish something they never thought was possible. The list goes on. I love that with CrossFit, ANYONE can do it. All shapes, all sizes, all fitness levels.Yes, even someone who has never touched or looked at a piece of equipment can do CrossFit. It's just the matter of how bad do you want it. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. 

Meade CrossFit provides elite personal training in a small group setting. Being very involved in supporting our community and youth, we offer training for all ages and to our Meade sports teams. We provide a positive and challenging environment that promotes health and fitness. In this box we leave no one behind and are always here to give a helping hand. We are a TEAM and we will encourage each other to do our best and give our all through the proper coaching and adherence to the standards of CrossFit.

Tyler Haynes